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Step Moms: I Believe You Are Great

“ I believe that you are great,

That there’s something magnificent about you.

Regardless of what has happened to you in your life.

Regardless of how young or old you think you might be.

The moment you begin to think properly,

This something that’s within you,

This power that’s in you that’s greater than the world,

It will begin to emerge!

It will take over your life.

It will feed you.

It will clothe you.

It will guide you, protect you, direct you, sustain your very existence…..

If You Let IT!!

Now that is what I know for sure.”   Michael Beckwith

Just a little power note for all my Step Mom peers as we head on in to the Holiday Season. Believe  you are great each and every day and on the flip side of this tough, tough time of year, you’ll look back and just laugh at how easy it was for you to breeze through all the stress and turmoil that’s bound to ensue.

Cheers to you all!

Peace and Love,

PJ xoxo

Step Moms: Time Passes, Things Change

It’s true, and I am a living testament to the value of sticking with it. Time passes, things change and life as you know it is changed on the other side of being immersed in a life that includes Step Kids.

You become you again, your marriage takes priority again and your Skids, well, they turn into adults, living their lives on their own terms and the beauty of bearing witness to that is immeasurable.

I have been thinking lately that maybe, as we go through the day-to-day drudgery and hurt that can be part of life in a Step Family, we give too much power to the drama, take it too personally and add fuel to a flame that would be better left alone. I have come to the conclusion that some of that just might be true.

We can’t be blamed for it, it’s a natural knee jerk reaction to being thrown to the wolves 🙂 But, it does end. And if knowing this going in can help you keep perspective as life as you knew it spins completely out of control then I truly hope you take this bit of information to heart.

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Step Moms: Cut Yourself Some Slack!

’cause no one else is gonna!!

Have you found that in becoming a new Step Mom you have also taken on the characteristics of a pheasant under glass? All of a sudden every single solitary move you make seems to be under a microscope and meticulously dissected by everyone you know and tons of those you don’t:)

The way you wear your hair, do the dishes, clean the tub, sort the laundry, cut the grass, cook, spend money, go on vacation, dust…. where you work, who your friends are, and on and on it goes. All those life choices that you have been so proud of making, the accomplishments you secretly coveted, are now fodder for the rank and file of your new expanded family.

So what the heck is a girl to do?


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Step Mom Comment on a Comment

A while back, sometime this past Spring, I received a comment on this blog talking about how studies have shown that divorce is indeed bad for children. I have thought about this comment a lot over the past number of months, thinking about personal experiences and those of my own family and friends, and now to that comment, I have this to say….

Where would we be today, as families, as communities, as a world, if not for the people who chose not to abide by what studies have shown and instead followed their own minds, hearts and dreams?

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Step Moms New Year Wishes

From one of my most favorite chill barometers, Mr. Jimmy Buffett, comes a line I think about on a continual basis, when a  New Year is upon us, or a Birthday celebration is near…

“I’m going to make a resolution, not to make another one…. and enjoy each ride on this trip around the sun.”

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A Step Moms Christmas Wish List

For all the Cool and Groovy Step Moms….

who have chosen to open their homes and their hearts to the children of others…

 I give my Christmas Wish List for You!!

1) May you experience Love and Happiness and Joy throughout the entire Christmas Season.

2) May your challenges be few and your hugs be many.

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Step Mom Holiday Survival: Part 2

Surviving the Holidays, even for the coolest and most groovy of Step Moms can sometimes be a feat equal to the scaling of Mount Everest…unless…yes, unless, we take it upon ourselves to empower ourselves and “rise above this mess” (love Hootie 🙂 )

Champagne is good lol, but confidence in ourselves is better.

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