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Holiday Survival : Step Moms Rock Style!

Here we go Lovely, your first Holiday Survival Tip compliments of Step Moms Rock!

Create Traditions!!

You’re going to have to do a little juggling around for time with your Step Kids, but that’s OK…just keep two little things in mind…

1) Be Flexible… a sure way NOT to gain friends and influence others is to be the one to dig in your heals. Have a conversation with your husband, and brain storm alternatives and ideas that will see you all have a great time with minimum potential for unneeded Holiday Drama. Put that cool and groovy thinking cap on and come up with some FUN stuff!

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Step Moms Rock: Another House Rule…Fun and Chores CAN Coexist!

raking leavesOk you, you cool and groovy Step Mom…although it’s really tempting to let your husband’s children run rough shod all over the house because they Can’t do that at home, you are going to need to instill at least a little semblance of order, BUT, that doesn’t mean it can’t be FUN!!

Yes, Fun and Chores Can Coexist!!!

I learnt about how fun chores can be from my maternal grandparents. They were a sly pair those two, but I sure did have my fair share of fun while hanging out with them…which was a lot in my younger years. And, as a bit of a wily Gemini myself, took heed and note of all the “stuff ” that transpired while I was in their care, banking it away for a time when the lessons would be put to good use.

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Step Moms Rock: Thinking of Moving Provinces?

dollar signHave visions of grandeur in your mind of living the high life with your new and handsome husband in another part of our beautiful country? Thinking a change of pace or scenery might just solve some of the underlying issues you are facing in Step-dom? Do you or your spouse have the opportunity to take a position in another province that will bode well for your future as a married couple?

Think long and hard about this lovely one, think long and hard!

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Step Moms Rock: Perspective

frustrated femaleAs a new Step Mom, how`s your level of frustration… have you….

Found your voice?

Managed to stay true to your core beliefs and values as you navigate your new insta-family?

Are you struggling to find resources that resonate with you?

Would it help if I told you I have been there, done that, and now have a closet full of t-shirts….I am so very pleased to share with you this one important fact…. there is hope!!

Read on brave one, read on…

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Step Moms Rock The House !

Ah yes, in your house, you gotta have a few rules if you are going to survive this mess!! I LOVE this category of posts, because…as Hootie and the Blow Fish like to say…


“With a little love, and some tenderness, We’ll walk upon the water, We’ll rise above this mess… With a little peace, and some harmony, We’ll take the world together, We’ll take ’em by the hand. ‘Cause I’ve got a hand for you. ‘Cause I wanna run with you”

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Step Moms Rock:The Power of Love and Humour

heartToday, I have been working on the SMR line of cards for Step Moms and Step Families, and what fun it has been.

Those of us who have been doing this Step Mom thing for a while, truly know that it ain’t always easy, but we also know and deeply appreciate the fact that it can be, generally when the moon aligns with the stars….a whole ton of FUN!

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