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Are You a New Step Mom Without Kids of Your Own?

If you answered YES to the above question, then this little but powerful post is just for you…read on oh brave one!!

If you’re lucky, very very lucky….(cue the harp music please) you have a built in support system within your circle of influence that includes warm hearted souls available at the ready for whenever you need them as you traverse the somewhat tricky waters of your new Step Family.

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Step Moms Rock: Perspective

frustrated femaleAs a new Step Mom, how`s your level of frustration… have you….

Found your voice?

Managed to stay true to your core beliefs and values as you navigate your new insta-family?

Are you struggling to find resources that resonate with you?

Would it help if I told you I have been there, done that, and now have a closet full of t-shirts….I am so very pleased to share with you this one important fact…. there is hope!!

Read on brave one, read on…

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