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First Comes Love…

When first entertaining the idea of becoming a part of a family already in progress, outside of familial input, and please note the word input and NOT support…. I was lucky enough to have received guidance and support from two men I adored and respected.

One, a handsome and engaging former school teacher turned psychologist and the other a teddy bear of a University Professor and highly respected expert in his field. Pretty good dream team of support if I must say so myself!

 The advice and insights they provided however were almost diametrically opposed and now, soon approaching 10 years of being ensconced within this family unit of mine, I finally understand why….

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Step Moms Rock: Perspective

frustrated femaleAs a new Step Mom, how`s your level of frustration… have you….

Found your voice?

Managed to stay true to your core beliefs and values as you navigate your new insta-family?

Are you struggling to find resources that resonate with you?

Would it help if I told you I have been there, done that, and now have a closet full of t-shirts….I am so very pleased to share with you this one important fact…. there is hope!!

Read on brave one, read on…

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