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Step Moms: Time Passes, Things Change

It’s true, and I am a living testament to the value of sticking with it. Time passes, things change and life as you know it is changed on the other side of being immersed in a life that includes Step Kids.

You become you again, your marriage takes priority again and your Skids, well, they turn into adults, living their lives on their own terms and the beauty of bearing witness to that is immeasurable.

I have been thinking lately that maybe, as we go through the day-to-day drudgery and hurt that can be part of life in a Step Family, we give too much power to the drama, take it too personally and add fuel to a flame that would be better left alone. I have come to the conclusion that some of that just might be true.

We can’t be blamed for it, it’s a natural knee jerk reaction to being thrown to the wolves 🙂 But, it does end. And if knowing this going in can help you keep perspective as life as you knew it spins completely out of control then I truly hope you take this bit of information to heart.

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Step Moms Rock: The Insta-Family

Recently while away on a training seminar, I was regaled over lunch by three moms talking about giving birth to their various children and the arduous and painful experiences they each had. After listening attentively to each individual story, and while on the escalator back up to our conference room, I said to one of my lunch mate moms, “Now imagine coming home one day, on a day no different from any other, and all of a sudden having 3 pre-teens…who wants to talk about painful?”

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Step Moms Rock:The Power of Love and Humour

heartToday, I have been working on the SMR line of cards for Step Moms and Step Families, and what fun it has been.

Those of us who have been doing this Step Mom thing for a while, truly know that it ain’t always easy, but we also know and deeply appreciate the fact that it can be, generally when the moon aligns with the stars….a whole ton of FUN!

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Welcome All Cool and Groovy Step Moms!!

welcome1If you’ve landed here, you are probably quite exhausted, having spent eons searching for a worthy resource for Step Moms and potentially even a little support as you navigate this new terrain.

What the heck do you do when the love of your life comes with kids and an ex wife..or two ??

You skip the sites that play the blame game on a regular basis and look for solutions….real life solutions to this real life stuff you’re going through…and you hang out here for a while, with women just like you.

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