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Step Mom Comment on a Comment

A while back, sometime this past Spring, I received a comment on this blog talking about how studies have shown that divorce is indeed bad for children. I have thought about this comment a lot over the past number of months, thinking about personal experiences and those of my own family and friends, and now to that comment, I have this to say….

Where would we be today, as families, as communities, as a world, if not for the people who chose not to abide by what studies have shown and instead followed their own minds, hearts and dreams?

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The Step Mom and the Adult Child…Dad Caught in the Middle!

daisiesAn interesting client conversation today began the thought process behind this post and thought process required when we are dealing with the delicacies of Step Moms and Adult Children.

I don’t think we can possibly hope to cover all one would like in just one post, so I believe this will just have to be a series! Thus the new Evil Step Monster Category 🙂

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