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Step Moms New Year Wishes

From one of my most favorite chill barometers, Mr. Jimmy Buffett, comes a line I think about on a continual basis, when a  New Year is upon us, or a Birthday celebration is near…

“I’m going to make a resolution, not to make another one…. and enjoy each ride on this trip around the sun.”

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A Step Moms Christmas Wish List

For all the Cool and Groovy Step Moms….

who have chosen to open their homes and their hearts to the children of others…

 I give my Christmas Wish List for You!!

1) May you experience Love and Happiness and Joy throughout the entire Christmas Season.

2) May your challenges be few and your hugs be many.

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Step Mom Holiday Survival: Part 2

Surviving the Holidays, even for the coolest and most groovy of Step Moms can sometimes be a feat equal to the scaling of Mount Everest…unless…yes, unless, we take it upon ourselves to empower ourselves and “rise above this mess” (love Hootie 🙂 )

Champagne is good lol, but confidence in ourselves is better.

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Holiday Survival : Step Moms Rock Style!

Here we go Lovely, your first Holiday Survival Tip compliments of Step Moms Rock!

Create Traditions!!

You’re going to have to do a little juggling around for time with your Step Kids, but that’s OK…just keep two little things in mind…

1) Be Flexible… a sure way NOT to gain friends and influence others is to be the one to dig in your heals. Have a conversation with your husband, and brain storm alternatives and ideas that will see you all have a great time with minimum potential for unneeded Holiday Drama. Put that cool and groovy thinking cap on and come up with some FUN stuff!

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