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Step Moms: Breathe for Stress Relief!

While I was putting together materials for a workshop on self empowerment, I was struck by how this one might be of use to Step Moms everywhere who might need a personal way of relaxing from time to time.

Here goes…

Deep Relaxation Exercise

(There are benefits to recording your relaxation practise if you have the equipment to do so…the playback of guided instruction in your own soothing voice is just one of them.)

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The Incredible Expanding Step Mom

Well, there was no hiding me in a corner when I became a new Step Mom, no sir-ee!! All of a sudden, the cupboards were filled with chips and cookies and sugar filled cereals, things I would never buy for myself as a Single Girl in the City and, well, I ate….and then I ate some more, and then, well, I ate even more. Busy schedules led to lots of pizza and meals on the run and before I knew it, whammo…tight clothes!! Tight clothes led to buying new clothes a size bigger and then gosh darn it more new clothes a size larger than that.

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