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Ban Money Guilt

This is a tough one… Money can cause major challenges in original families, so add in the need to support two households on two salaries, and things can get a little tense…to say the least!

Finally, this year, we have gotten to the place where child support is starting to diminish. A long in coming event from my perspective, as my husband’s oldest graduated University last year, has been working full-time ever since, has gotten engaged, has bought a house, and is getting married in two weeks 🙂 Somehow, continuing to pay her Mother to support her has seemed just a tad excessive.

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New Step Moms: Mind Your Money!!

dollar signNew Step Mom….listen very carefully…you and your good hearted soul are going to be so inclined and tempted to pool all your resources to portray a united front and support the financial growth of your new family…kudos to you for such selfless and generous thoughts…now erase them from your memory!!!

This is where you have to balance romance and common sense, and common sense MUST prevail! Contribute to the expenses of the household, whatever you and your new spouse determine to be fair for your share, but also maintain a separate account for yourself…Please 🙂 Learn from my critical error on this front and protect yourself.

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Step Moms Rock: Thinking of Moving Provinces?

dollar signHave visions of grandeur in your mind of living the high life with your new and handsome husband in another part of our beautiful country? Thinking a change of pace or scenery might just solve some of the underlying issues you are facing in Step-dom? Do you or your spouse have the opportunity to take a position in another province that will bode well for your future as a married couple?

Think long and hard about this lovely one, think long and hard!

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