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Evil Step Daughter ?

Hmmmm…. now there’s turning the tables 🙂 Evil Step “Daughters”, not Mothers, really??

Absolutely!! Currently, being both a Step Mom and a Step Daughter, also, with friends who are Step Daughters, I can tell you, there really can be a fine line here.

Women together at the best of times can make a royal mess of things. Kick it up a notch by putting them in a situation where they are vying for the love and attention of the same man, and you just might have a recipe for disaster…or not, all depending upon the women, and the Man involved.

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Step Moms Love

Step Moms Love…oh how they L-O-V-E !!

Step Moms…yours, mine, and US are all where they and we are because of LOVE.

The love for a man who comes with “stuff” wrapped up in little packages called kids.

We are however, first and foremost, at the end of every day, Wives…wives with Husbands and marriages that need tending to, care, and yes Love of their own to flourish and endure.

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Moms Dealing with Kids’ Step Mom

And now for a perspective shift…

Moms dealing with the Step Mom of their children…

Important Note: There are a lot of things at play here, not the least of which is going to be the dispositions of the Mom and Step Mom in question. This post is written with the hope of reaching the hearts of both women while encouraging the idea of working from a place of love and compassion for all involved.

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Survivor Step Mom : The Ultimate Challenge

Step Moms can not only survive, they can and do thrive!! survivor

 “Survivor Step Mom”

that could indeed be a new reality TV show, couldn’t it lol 🙂

Can’t you just see it…Survivor Step Mom follows the everyday life of 12 battle worn Step Moms as they traverse the challenges of their everyday lives from the living jungle otherwise known as Home 🙂

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Interesting Step Mom Search

puzzled“Step Moms how important are they in a child’s life.”

This is the search of the week this week, which does beg the question..”How important are Step Moms in a child’s life?”

And I suppose the answers are going to vary widely depending upon circumstances.

Step Moms can indeed be a vital component in a growing child’s life, but it all depends on the type of support their role receives in the new family dynamic…how they are marketed if you like, what kind of spin is put on their inclusion. Step Moms can be looked at as being a Bonus, a Blessing, or a Curse, and the impact they have all comes down to a matter of choice.

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Crazy Step Mom Searches!!!

happy face1Just a quick little post today to share a bit of laughter, actually, from me it was a lot of laughter, over the searches that find this blog. The absolute funniest this week, hands down has to be

“evil tricks ex-wives play on stepmoms”

Oooo, scarey!!!

This sounds like it could be a very very funny, although potentially somewhat tragic, Saturday Night Live skit…gosh couldn’t we write a good one of those hey girls???

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