Step Moms: Cut Yourself Some Slack!

’cause no one else is gonna!!

Have you found that in becoming a new Step Mom you have also taken on the characteristics of a pheasant under glass? All of a sudden every single solitary move you make seems to be under a microscope and meticulously dissected by everyone you know and tons of those you don’t:)

The way you wear your hair, do the dishes, clean the tub, sort the laundry, cut the grass, cook, spend money, go on vacation, dust…. where you work, who your friends are, and on and on it goes. All those life choices that you have been so proud of making, the accomplishments you secretly coveted, are now fodder for the rank and file of your new expanded family.

So what the heck is a girl to do?


No one else is going to. Sometimes even that fine piece of manliness you married is going to be challenged and rendered useless when faced with the ridiculousness of the actions of others, those he’s been related to all his life, because Step Families are game changers!

So, you have to stand strong and find ways to:

  • Cut Yourself Some Slack.
  • Go Easy on Yourself.
  • Take A Powder from time to time.
  • Travel on The High Road.
  • HIDE 🙂

In all seriousness though, you really do need to learn how to recognize and honour those times when it’s more important to be true to you than to do what everyone else thinks you should. And you need to do it in a Big Big way… or whatever way you choose, but Just Do It!

Beg out of a party you know will cause you too much discomfort. Talk to your husband and help him to understand, that’s the relationship you need to worry about the most at the end of the day. The in-laws or the Skids aren’t going to cuddle you at the end of the day, and neither will hubs if you turn into a grumpy old bear because you felt forced to do something you didn’t want to.

Conversely, do the same for the rest of your Step Family. You’re not all going to want to play the Brady Bunch big happy family 24/7, so allow everyone an exit strategy… like the chicken exits they have at Disney on some of the more adventurous rides 🙂

Find alternatives for yourself and for others as well so both you and they don’t have to feel bad or guilty when something comes up any of you just aren’t really crazy about.

But Most Of All, and Above All Else… Do it for yourself. A Strong and Happy you is not only better for you, but better for everyone you know and love. We sometimes think that being Super Woman Step Mom is the sure way to impress the masses… please, reverse that thinking, Cut Yourself Some Slack, Ban Guilt, be the best Plain Jane, Sassy Susan or Buxom Brenda you can be, and be it for yourself.

Cheers and Much Luv,

PJ, xoxo

One response to this post.

  1. Great tips and advice.SO much of what you are saying I can totally relate to.Great site-I enjoy reading.Thanks for the encouragement.Please check out my blog and become a follower.Trying to get my blog noticed.Jackie


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