Step Moms New Year Wishes

From one of my most favorite chill barometers, Mr. Jimmy Buffett, comes a line I think about on a continual basis, when a  New Year is upon us, or a Birthday celebration is near…

“I’m going to make a resolution, not to make another one…. and enjoy each ride on this trip around the sun.”

I love Jimmy Buffett and am thankful for his take on life and the fact that he has chosen to share it all with the rest of us.

Life happens, and it’s not what happens that defines us, but how we choose to react to it all. Resolutions add pressure, and every day holds pressure enough. Not making resolutions keeps us free of fret and worry about breaking them, and that freedom enables us to handle all the little stuff that gets flung our way each and every day.

Have hope, have dreams, have faith, and take steps to make them happen, to make them a reality and to enhance your life. But worry less about the how the where or the when and allow each day to unfold as it will, in Peace, in Harmony and in Love.

My New Year’s wish for you, cool and groovy Step Mom, or otherwise…. would be to enjoy this trip around the sun, letting go of the impositions of expectations, your own or anyone else’s and just allow the world to unfold before you in all its glorious splendour.

Be Well, Be Happy, Be at Peace and Love lots.

2010 is going to R-O-C-K in this house….how about yours??

LA xo


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