Survivor Step Mom : The Ultimate Challenge

Step Moms can not only survive, they can and do thrive!! survivor

 “Survivor Step Mom”

that could indeed be a new reality TV show, couldn’t it lol 🙂

Can’t you just see it…Survivor Step Mom follows the everyday life of 12 battle worn Step Moms as they traverse the challenges of their everyday lives from the living jungle otherwise known as Home 🙂

The are no Immunity Challenges, there are no Get Out of Jail Free Cards…everyday life obstacles include:

~ Managing to keep your head above water while surrounded by the outlaw in-law infested waters…

~ Stepping lightly around sensitive and usually surprising emotional issues that blow up like land mines…

~ Staving off the advances of well intentioned pity partiers who try to draw you into their deceiving warm and cozy webs…

and one of my personal faves…

~ Creatively cooking healthy well balanced meals for a growing and ravenous family of 5 while on a budget as child support payments leave you with barely enough money to cover your own mortgage.

Yes friends, this could be a National Network’s Ratings dream come true 🙂

And although we laugh because, well it is funny, and if we don’t laugh we’ll lose our ever-loving minds…these are challenges your cool and groovy self will face, so once again, be prepared.

Go into Survivor Step Mom knowing how to build alliances because you’ll need them as you endeavour to Outwit, Outlast and Outplay the bevy of fun and games otherwise known as your new Step Family 🙂

Rock on Oh Cool and Groovy One Rock On!!

LA xo


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