Step Moms Rock: Another House Rule…Fun and Chores CAN Coexist!

raking leavesOk you, you cool and groovy Step Mom…although it’s really tempting to let your husband’s children run rough shod all over the house because they Can’t do that at home, you are going to need to instill at least a little semblance of order, BUT, that doesn’t mean it can’t be FUN!!

Yes, Fun and Chores Can Coexist!!!

I learnt about how fun chores can be from my maternal grandparents. They were a sly pair those two, but I sure did have my fair share of fun while hanging out with them…which was a lot in my younger years. And, as a bit of a wily Gemini myself, took heed and note of all the “stuff ” that transpired while I was in their care, banking it away for a time when the lessons would be put to good use.

One of my favorites was leaf racking…always performed with an old bamboo rake, nary a leaf blower in sight! But the fun one old guy could elicit from a rather hard to please youngster (yes me…hard to belive I know) was the next best thing to a miracle.Yet, work I did, scooping up those leaves and getting them to the pile to burn…after of course demolishing the piles and rolling all over the yard…point is, work got done, laughter resonated from the yard, and even though I made a royal mess of things each and every time, not a cross word was spoken. Could the work have been done faster? Oh, yeah, you bet it could have. Would that have garnered such memorable experiences for me…no way no how. Do we think the old curmudgeon knew what he was doing…Absolutely!!

The next time you’re doing laundry, toss the sheets straight out of the dryer onto whomever is watching TV and get them to fold…laughter is sure to ensue!! Include them when picking out the house cleaning music of the day and challenge them to a dance off, ask what they want to eat after the grass gets cut and serve their treats in a fun, silly and even messy way…have them look forward to what transpires as a result of getting the work done that needs to be done… much less stress and work for you as it takes away the need for you to do it all yourself, and goodness, there’s FUN happening in the house…what on earth could be better than that???

There will be those who will challenge your ability to “deal” with the kids, charging that you don’t know the first thing about being parent…take no heed of the short sighted and always remember that you were a kid once too! Do a bit of time travelling back to your own childhood and the “stuff” you really enjoyed, and especially note the “stuff” you didn’t. Take happy memories from your childhood, add your own personal twist and create an environment that rewards chores with fun and love..the memories you create through such effort will have a ripple effect believe you me!!

Go kick some FUN butt and get that house cleaned up!!

Rock ON oh Groovy One, Rock On!!!

LA xo


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