Step Moms Rock: Perspective

frustrated femaleAs a new Step Mom, how`s your level of frustration… have you….

Found your voice?

Managed to stay true to your core beliefs and values as you navigate your new insta-family?

Are you struggling to find resources that resonate with you?

Would it help if I told you I have been there, done that, and now have a closet full of t-shirts….I am so very pleased to share with you this one important fact…. there is hope!!

Read on brave one, read on…

I have been reading some interesting articles and blog posts over the last little while, thinking I’d like to have my finger on the pulse of all things Step as I endeavour into this new project. I am most happy to find in this go round of research that there is a bit of a climate shift going on out there these days, and as a huge supporter of said “shift” in many areas of life, am actually comforted by the fact that there is a growing group less interested in blaming and complaining and fundamentally interested in solutions that promote change.

I applaud those who are reaching out in this capacity and thank them for sharing their voices of reason with the rest of us! I have added a few new links to the SMR blog to portray those who fit this ilk and am encouraged by the potential of this shift…just wish there were more to share.

Focusing on solutions for the problems you are going to come across is a sure way to save your sanity and a good deal of therapy time and money in the long run. You are an ingenious love filled being (and don`t ever forget that) in a relationship that involves an interesting dynamic…get creative and don`t get bogged down by the nay sayers. Listen to your heart, and in all ways, every day, and with everyone, let love lead.

Rock on Awesome Step Mom, Rock On!!

SMR xo

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